Welding & Industrial Supplies

We offer the most up to date technology in welding, cutting, & industrial equipment. Demonstrations can be done in our fully equipped demo room or at the customerís location. Please contact us for more details.

Electric Welding & Cutting Machines
Automation, gas & diesel engine drives, MIG, multi-operator, multi-process, orbital, plasma cutters, plasma welders, spot welders, STICK, stud welders, submerged arc, TIG

Electric Welding & Cutting Accessories
Cable connectors, carbon arc rods, carbon arc torches, electrode holders, ground clamps, high frequency boxes, MIG guns, slice rods, TIG torches, welding cable, welding helmets, wire feeders

Filler Metals

  • Electrodes : steel, stainless, hard facing, cast iron, nickel, specialty alloys, etc.
  • MIG Wire : steel, stainless, aluminum, hard facing, specialty alloys, solid, flux cored (gas shielded), flux cored (self shielded), metal cored
  • TIG & Brazing Rod : steel, stainless, aluminum, bronze, specialty alloys

Oxygen/Fuel Cutting, Welding, & Heating
Check valves, cutting glasses/goggles, cutting tips, cutting torches, flashback arrestors, heating tips, hose, regulators, welding tips

Belts, carbide burs, cutoff wheels, files, flap wheels, grinding wheels, mounted points, non-woven abrasives, polifans, PSA discs, sanding discs, wire brushes & wheels

Industrial Tools
Air tools, beveling machines, c-clamps, cutoff saws, grinders, hose & cable reels, magnetic drills & bits, pipe benders, pipe notchers, screw guns, etc.

Safety Equipment
Capesleeves & jackets (cotton & leather), fume removal equipment, gloves (heat, work, welding, etc.), hard hats, hearing protection, respirators, welding blankets, etc.